Claudia Martín’s boyfriend clarifies if he had an affair with Maite Perroni | Famous

in 2021 Maite Perroni was involved in a controversy, after they pointed her out as the alleged culprit of the divorce between Claudia Martín and producer Andrés Tovar, information that the former RBD denied. Recently, new speculation turned them against it.

Hugo Catalán clarifies his relationship with Maite Perroni

The 40-year-old Mexican actor put an end to the speculation and talked about his supposed romance with the protagonist of ‘Triunfo del amor’. In addition, he confessed how he deals with the rumors of his personal life.

“Of course not”, he said bluntly to the Las Estrellas portal. “We were co-workers, with a cordial relationship, period. I really burst out laughing.”

He stated that he has not had contact with the former RBD since the series ended: “There was a cordial working relationship. I have not seen her again Actually, we haven’t seen each other, I don’t know, there shouldn’t be a cordial relationship,” he explained.

Hugo Catalán talks about his sexual orientation

The sexuality of Claudia Martín’s boyfriend has also been questioned, as he said that some media have published notes where they assure that he is homosexual.

“I have done many gay characters in moviesbut because I consider myself a daring actor, as you saw in ‘The Game of Keys’, an actor who likes challenges, but there is never a lack of someone who invents,” he told the portal.

“They can invent anything, it makes me laugh a lot, the truth is simpler and more boring,” he said in an interview with Las Estrellas.

Claudia Martín and Hugo Catalán shout their love

On January 14, Claudia Martín shared that after her divorce with Andrés Tovar, she had given a new opportunity to love with Hugo Catalán. Since then, the couple has been seen on social networks very much in love.

The actors share credits in the new version of the telenovela ‘The rich also cry’, a production that recently finished recording and is about to premiere on Univision.