Claudia Obert wants to start a family with a lover who is 37 years her junior

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Has Claudia Obert (61) found the man for life with her Max (24)? It seems so: In the meantime, the trash icon is already talking about wedding and adoption plans.

Ibiza/Hamburg – Claudia Obert (61) enjoys life to the fullest: the fashion entrepreneur, who has recently achieved cult status in fan circles thanks to various trash TV appearances (“Celebrities under the Palm Trees”, “Battle of the Reality Stars”), showed up in newly in love and overjoyed with her boyfriend Max Suhr (24) in the past few months. At the side of the young man, the luxury lady would like to take the next step in 2023.

Claudia Obert wants to marry young partner Max Suhl – trash diva wants to “adopt a few children”

Until recently, Claudia Obert was still considered a candidate for the jungle camp, but instead of going to the Australian bush, the 61-year-old could enter the port of marriage next year. The owner of two fashion boutiques spent Christmas with the family of her new partner, 24-year-old Max Suhr reported. The luxury lady did not get to know the loved ones of her boyfriend, who was 37 years her junior, but seems to have already made firm resolutions for 2023.

Claudia Obert wants to start a family with a lover who is 37 years her junior
For Claudia Obert, things seem to be getting serious when it comes to family planning: the entrepreneur and trash TV icon revealed that she wants to marry her boyfriend Max, who is 37 years her junior, and “adopt a few children” (photomontage) © Future Image/Imago

“I really want to get married and adopt a couple of kids”said Obert t-online.deafter she and Max Suhr previously at with corresponding statements had fueled the rumor mill properly. “We planned the wedding. There is already a ring, but Claudia is not allowed to know anything about it,” the 24-year-old told the public.

From trash TV to politics? Claudia Obert stirs up the CDU:

Claudia Obert has been (again) a member of the CDU since November 2021; The entrepreneur was convinced at the time by Maxim Loboda, the state manager of the Junge Union Hamburg. The luxury lady then announced her political point of view on Instagram the following year: “No left or right, but a clear, objective mind – that’s what politics lacks,” said Obert in July 2022. Her vision: “My ideas for a modern, safe and I carry unbureaucratic Hamburg to the Hamburg CDU. The CDU is the only force I trust and trust to effectively improve this city.”

Max would like to fulfill Claudia Obert’s adoption wishes – honeymoon destination is already set

When it comes to marriage and family planning, Claudia Obert and her Max seem to be in agreement, as the 24-year-old explained further: “We dream of a wedding in northern Germany and a honeymoon in the Maldives. Adopting a child with Claudia is also a lifelong dream of mine. ”Claudia Obert, who had openly shown in the summer that she was not interested in a monogamous relationship, should have had at least a small change of heart in the past few weeks.

After Christmas Eve with Max, the 61-year-old went straight to the party island of Ibiza – you just have to celebrate the parties as they come. When it comes to love, other celebrities are also doing a lot at the end of the year: pop star Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) recently showed up with her new boyfriend. Sources used:,