Claudia Schiffer: With a throwback photo, she congratulates her sister on her birthday

Claudia Schiffer (51) is not one of the stars who regularly share their lives with their fans on Instagram. Private postings are rare for the supermodel, and she keeps everything personal under lock and key.

All the more surprising was the public birthday greeting to her sister Ann Carolin Schiffer (56). She posts a holiday snap of Ann Carolin surfing in a bright red bathing suit and captioned it, “Happy birthday my little sister Carolin.”

Rummaging through photo albums from the past is probably also fun for Claudia Schiffer. Hand on heart – would you have recognized the supermodel in every picture? In the video above you can watch Claudia’s journey into the past.

Claudia Schiffer: Beauty runs in the family

The similarity between the two is obvious: Ann Carolin Schiffer is just as blonde as her supermodel sister. Even after Claudia moved to London, the two always had an intimate relationship – as this dear birthday greeting proves.

The beauty is apparently in the family, because daughter Clementine (17) is like her famous mother’s face. At the film premiere of “The King’s Man – The Beginning”, the new film by her husband Matthew Vaughn (50), in London, Claudia Schiffer recently appeared together with her daughter Clementine (17). After this performance, it was clear that the 17-year-old would definitely have what it takes to follow in Claudia Schiffer’s footsteps.