Claudia Villafañe published the first photo of Azul, the daughter of Dalma Maradona

For a long time Dalma Maradona He clarified that he does not share photos of his daughters to protect their privacy as much as possible. That is why there are practically no pictures of them on social networks.

Nevertheless, Claudia Villafanewho is always shown as a grandmother in love with her three grandchildren, whenever she can, she usually shows one of Dalma’s daughters in some way.

What Dalma chose not to have nannies in the care of their daughters, Claudia It is very present in their upbringing. In fact, Diego Maradona’s ex-wife was the first to show the hand of Bluehours after birth.

First post by Claudia Villafañe with her granddaughter Azul.
First post by Claudia Villafañe with the hand of her granddaughter Azul.

Now, six months after Azul’s birth, Claudia Villafane got away with it again and showed how much the baby grew from Dalmawith the publication of a photo on their Instagram stories.

“With one of my loves. Cool of my heart, “he wrote The Tataas Roma calls her, the eldest daughter of Dalma. In her postcard, she is seen playing with the baby on a blanket placed on the floor.

There, you can see the blonde head of Bluelying on her stomach, but already trying to get up, with her gold opener earrings and a flirtatious yellow dress with white flowers.