Clémence Botino: this tragedy that could have cost him his life

This Sunday, January 22, the former Miss France Clémence Botino celebrates her 26th birthday. Let’s go back to this accident which occurred in July 2020, during which the representative of the tricolor flag at Miss World had the fear of her life.

Clémence Botino lived a year and a half ago traumatic experience. While the young woman slept in a Miss France society apartment, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, a fire broke out and killed one person: an elderly lady, who did not survive this tragedy, as well as two seriously injured and ten slightly injured. Shortly after, Sylvie Tellier reassured the fans of the young Guadeloupean: She’s in shock, she’s not hurt », she says on Instagram. A few days later, Clémence Botino confides in the Parisian, on horror night which she passed.

Miss France 2020 explains how much she values ​​herself lucky not to have been asleep at the time of the tragedy. “I took a long time to reactshe confided. I heard the fire alarm, but I didn’t tilt right away, because we can’t imagine that it could happen to you. I opened the door to my apartment and I saw people running, shouting”. There was too much smoke and the young woman couldn’t take the stairs…

“I was afraid of not coming back”

Clémence Botino then lived on the 4th floor. “I went back home and I locked myself on the balcony by closing the windows. However, with the stress, I left the apartment door open and the smoke came in.”, she tells the Parisian. This remains nearly a hour alone on her balcony waiting for the fire department…”I felt a mix of fear and panic. I wondered where the fire could come from. I was afraid of not coming back. We are not prepared for this!“, she had explained to the Parisian. For an hour, she calls her relatives on the phone, then the firefighters arrive.

Clémence Botino wanted to put it into perspective : “I was afraid ! But it was more fear than harm. That same evening, I started smiling again. But there was a backlash, back and forth. Fortunately, I am very surroundedI was not touched and I am alive », she assured. She thank the firefighters, these “hero”, thanks to whom she is still alive.