Clemens Schick: As a child he was under police protection

Clemens Schick (50) has been a successful actor for years – and internationally too. In 2006, for example, he flickered across the screen alongside Daniel Craig (54) in “James Bond 007: Casino Royale”. While Clemens’ career is in full swing, the Berliner-by-choice usually keeps his private life out of the public eye. Not much is known about his life away from the cameras. In the podcast “And what do you do at the weekend?” However, the movie star spoke about a very unusual part of his childhood. In his youth, Clemens and his family were regularly under police protection.

Clemens Schick: “My parents managed to keep it all away from us”

Clemens’ father worked as a public prosecutor in Stuttgart and in the 1970s investigated, among other things, against the RAF, including during the famous Stammheim trials. “When the trial days approached, something changed,” the 50-year-old recalls today. His family received police protection during this time. As a child, however, Clemens did not find this situation threatening. “At some point my parents closed and said: ‘We get very thick panes and buttons to call the police’. I thought that was really great. My parents managed to keep it all away from us. For me it was normal that when you came out of the house, there were police. I didn’t question that,” he explained on the podcast.

Clemens Schick’s father was against his acting career

Later, however, Clemens was never able to speak to his father about the time of the RAF trials. His father is simply a very correct person and takes his duty of confidentiality very seriously. This correctness was evidently also evident when it came to Clemens’ choice of career. His old man was anything but enthusiastic about Clemens’ career plans in the world of theater and film: “For example, my father didn’t want me to become an actor. But when I said I was studying acting, he gave me the same money monthly, like my siblings, who studied law. That was correct, in the most positive sense, or fair.” However, Clemens’ father’s attitude towards his career choice has changed over the years. “Today my father is very happy that I’m doing well as an actor,” reveals Clemens.