Clemens Trischler and his extraordinary gentlemen

“Stoffwerk” boss Karin Agh with the head of the Gentlemen’s Club, Clemens Trischler

© Jürgen Hammerschmid

For the rare species of men with style, education and manners, Trischler called back to his new club of old virtues.

from Dieter Chmelar

What is a gentleman? Literally: a gentle man. Is something like this still made? – So, Clemens Trischler In any case, (30) stood up and founded the “Gentlemen’s Club”. With which the artist manager proved at least one thing: It is also an art for managers to gather so many different skills and calibers under one roof – in the noble “Stoffwerk” studio. (1010 Vienna, Nibelungenstrasse 8)where hostess Karin Agh operates a tailoring shop at its finest.

But back to the question of the (long) evening: What is a gentleman, please?

The Claims of the Elizabethan Era (We’re talking about Elizabeth the First, in the 16th century!) seem achievable: A gentleman must read, sing, write, draw, learn foreign languages ​​and master himself. In addition, virtue and restraint would be indispensable. No wonder then that an English proverb says it takes three generations to produce a gentleman.

Oscar Wilde saw it far more maliciously: “A gentleman is a man who never unintentionally insults another.” It is also comforting that membership in “Trischlers Tratschrunde” cannot be purchased, but “only through the recommendation” of an existing member.

Therefore, one sticks to the local society from A to Z – from A to Z as far as possible Alison (Natalie) to Z like Zellhofer (Alina). Because the ladies, undoubtedly more numerous than gentlemen in the wild, crowned the festival: Gerda Rogers, Birgit Sarata, Brigitte Kren, Konstanze Breitebner. Well, it takes the ladies for splendid behavior.

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