Clémentine Sarlat: the journalist says more about her salary at France Télévisions

Four years after leaving France Télévisions, Clémentine Sarlat confided in her new professional life in The Magazine Team. And obviously, she does not regret having left the public service.

It has now been four years since Clémentine Sarlat has left the editorial staff of France Televisions. In 2018, the sports journalist who had complaint of moral harassment and sexist remarks on the part of her colleagues, of whom she did not reveal any names, took the decision to leave the presentation of Stage 2, the weekly sports show on France 2. Following her revelations, Delphine Ernotte, the president of the group, had thus launched an internal investigation, at the end of which three journalists were fired.

Since her departure, the journalist has changed her life and embarked on a completely different field: that of podcast. Indeed, she is a hit with The Matressance, a podcast about motherhood. In the columns of the magazine of The Team, the sports journalist reveals in particular that she had already submitted a podcast idea to France Télévisions, in 2018, but that her proposal had been refused. “They thought the idea sucked. Well, at the same time, it was just beginning to develop in France. But I had made this observation: a TV interview only lasts two to three minutes. And I always felt like I was on the surface. Whiletalking at length with the athletes off the air, it was always very rewardingshe explains to our colleagues.

She makes a better living

Today, the young 34-year-old woman is proud to carry out her own project, of which she controls all the production. “In writing, you have to deal with lots of bosses, injunctions, constraints. The, we make our own decisions. Whether the result is good or not, it feels good“, she believes. mother of three children, that she had with the rugby player Clément Marienval, she is also happy to be able to talk about a subject close to her heart: motherhood. And obviously it works since his podcast has already attracted more than 7 million cumulative plays. Moreover, Clémentine Sarlat ensures thatshe makes a better living with her podcast than at France Télévisions. Obviously, the journalist does not regret her choice and seems more fulfilled than ever.