Clips about hospital work during the war: a doctor from Kharkiv takes over Beckham’s Instagram profile

Clips about clinical work in the war
Kharkiv doctor takes over Beckham’s Instagram profile

David Beckham’s more than 70 million Instagram followers will see different content than usual in the coming hours. The football star hands over his profile to the head of a maternity clinic in Ukraine. In the stories, the doctor shows her work – under war conditions.

In order to draw attention to the situation of the people in Ukraine, David Beckham uses his reach on social media in a targeted manner. In an Instagram video on Sunday, the former soccer star explained: “Today I leave my social media channels to Iryna, the head of the maternity hospital in Kharkiv.” The world star combines the action with a request to his followers to give “whatever you can to support Unicef ​​and people like Iryna”.

The Instagram stories of the Beckham account, which has 71.5 million followers, feature scenes of hospital work in wartime conditions. There “you will learn more about the great work that Iryna and health workers like her are doing to save lives in Ukraine,” the world star writes about his video.

In the first clips, the doctor Iryna leads the followers through the basement of the clinic. “All pregnant women and mothers were evacuated there on the first day of the war,” she writes. One problem, however, is that they cannot take the babies from the intensive care unit to the safer basement. “Because they depend on the life-support machines.” Iryna reports that the first few days were the most difficult – they had to learn to work during the bombing. In the following clips, the doctor introduces her team and baby Mykhailo. The boy was born on the second day of the war with lung problems. “Now he’s doing better,” writes the doctor.

Iryna’s working day never ends at the moment. “I’m here all day,” she writes in a clip from the clinic. She knows the danger she and her team are in. They still want to stay because “we love our work”.