Clotilde Courau and Princess Vittoria, mother and daughter seen at the funeral of Benedict XVI

The crowd gathered in Place Saint-Pierre to attend the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI. In the midst of the many faithful, two familiar faces were spotted by the photographers, those of Clotilde Courau and his daughter Vittoria. The 53-year-old French actress, who became princess of Venice and Piedmont by marrying Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy, was installed with her eldest, the princess of Carignan.

“Pope Benedict XVI received several times members of the royal family in private audience, both in the Vatican and in Turin, on the occasion of the exhibition of the Holy Shroud,” said a press release. Mother and daughter, soberly dressed in black, were placed behind King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. Many crowned heads were missing, including Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife Princess Charlene.

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“Being us, dialogue is essential”

Princess Vittoria celebrated her nineteenth birthday on December 28. “Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. Happy birthday my love,” wrote his father in Italian, under old photos from her. His 16-year-old little sister, Princess Luisa, also appeared.

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In an interview with the Swiss edition of “ELLE” magazine, Clotilde Courau had spoken of her daughters, both settled in Great Britain for their studies. “Vittoria and Luisa are both studying in England but I remain very present and every two to three weeks I go to see them. Being us, dialogue is essential. The link is necessary in order to build their life as a woman and in addition it reassures me, ”she said.