Cloud Hegenbarth is on vacation with her ex-husband Justin Bryan

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Cloud Hegenbarth is on vacation with her ex-husband Justin Bryan
Cloud Hegenbarth is on vacation with her ex-husband: “We are both history. A good one.” © Instagram

Cloud Hegenbarth shows up on Instagram with her ex-husband Justin Bryan, whom she visited in his native South Africa.

Cloud Hegenbarth (41) has been engaged to her boyfriend Oliver Vaid since March 2020. The couple is busy planning their wedding, which has had to be postponed repeatedly due to the corona pandemic. For once, the actress does not appear on Instagram alongside Oliver and their son Avi (2). Instead, she beams into the camera arm in arm with her ex-husband Justin Bryan in front of a beautiful natural backdrop.

Cloud was married to the South African from 2002 to 2011. The “My Life and I” actress tied the knot with Justin at the age of 22 after falling in love with him as a teenager. They then had a long-distance relationship for years, because while Wolke worked in Germany, Justin worked as a draftsman in Cape Town. Although the two have been separated for more than ten years, they are still in contact with each other to this day. Cloud’s current Instagram post shows how good their relationship is. “Justin. 22 years ago we were standing here on Chapman’s Peak Drive. It’s his mom’s birthday today and we’re here again. We’ve known each other for half a lifetime – his family has become mine,” the TV star wrote.

Wolke Hegenbarth: “Even after separation, you can find peace”

The accompanying photos leave no doubt that there is no longer any bad blood between the ex-couple. Rather, Wolke and Justin come across as good friends who wish each other only the best in life. And this is exactly the message the actress wants to share with her followers. “Even after separation and divorce, which are never nice, you can find peace again. Peace has to do with forgiveness. Himself and others,” she added. “I’m glad we managed to do that. We are both history. A good.”

In the accompanying hashtag, Wolke revealed that the South African was her “first love” – ​​which makes it all the better that the brunette beauty is still on good terms with her ex and has even visited him in his home country. Just like Cloud himself, Justin is now happily taken and is raising a son with his partner.