Cloud Hegenbarth: Loyal playmate: In a partner look, she amuses her son Avi

Cloud Hegenbarth (41) is the star in front of the film cameras, but his son Avi (2) is in the spotlight at home. Since Wolke and her fiancé Oliver Vaid became parents in late summer 2019, the 2-year-old has been illuminating the couple’s everyday life – and that of many fans. Because Wolke likes to let her followers participate in her life, especially on Instagram, posting cute photos with her son and every now and then amorous snapshots with Oliver. When we see the latest photos by Wolke and Avi, we immediately get excited: Because the mother-son duo shows up in a cool partner look, while playfully making the streets unsafe.

Cloud Hegenbarth knows how to keep her son Avi entertained. In the video above you can see the two playing while admiring their cute outfits.

That was the first time with Baby Avi for Wolke Hegenbarth

Although son Avi is a real ray of sunshine, the upbringing of Wolke Hegenbarth brought difficulties. She honestly admitted in the BUNTE interview: “The first year was really bad.” Sleep deprivation in particular gnawed at her and her partner: “I hardly slept. Avi slept a maximum of two hours at a time, for a month even only 45 minutes. That was a borderline experience for me and Oli, who also worked on the side. Before we thought we were tough. But we felt like we could watch each other decay.”

Wolke and Oliver have decided not to plan any further offspring. They are visibly happy with Avi and Wolke explains: “I don’t trust myself or rather us to have another baby.”