Clovis Cornillac in leather on the arm of his beautiful Lilou, their rock date with the actor’s mother!

They had taken out the leather jackets and were surely already ready to sing rock’n’roll: many personalities were gathered this Thursday, December 8 on the Champs-Elysées for the preview of the musical film Rocker’s Choir, which will be in theaters on December 28. Among them, Clovis Cornillacwho had thought about his perfecto and who presented himself, all smiles, in front of the photographers.

And he was rather well accompanied, since his wife Lilou Fogli was on his arm. Generally rather discreet, the two rarely appear together but seemed delighted to have left their little Nino (9 years old) at home to spend a romantic evening. The little boy, meanwhile, probably stayed at home with his twin half-sisters, Lily and Alice (21), born of the actor’s first union with Caroline Proust, surely had a good evening on his side. !

It must be said that for the actor, the film was of particular importance: his mother, Myriam Boyer, indeed plays in it! Recognized actress, this one was also present, not far from her son and her daughter-in-law. And at 74, she even starred on the red carpet…

In the company of some of his colleagues: Bernard Lecoq, beaming in his suit, was rather close to Daniel Prévost, who came to encourage his friend with his partner Françoise. Widowed since 2007 by the mother of his children, Jette Bertelsen, the 83-year-old actor seems particularly happy with his wife and was radiant in front of the photographers.

Mathilde Seigner radiant, Anthony Delon in leather

Armelle Deutsch, also an actress in the film, had chosen a very dressy white jacket over an equally immaculate blouse and had fun posing with the director of the feature film, Luc Bricault, as well as with all his colleagues. And in particular Mathilde Seigner, the main actress of the film, who was dressed in a black and white checkered jacket.

Posing with her colleagues, the 50-year-old, back at the cinema after the film A visit to my daughter, was smiling and found several friends including a certain Anthony Delon, with whom she once shared her life. Like Clovis Cornillac, he had his leather jacket with him, for a rocker player. And if his companion, Sveva Alviti, was absent, he seemed delighted to find his friend, with whom he was particularly complicit!