Cobra 11: RTL makes it official – now everyone can know

In 2023, RTL has a lot planned for its viewers. The Cologne broadcaster starts in the second week of January with two big TV shows and goes on Friday evening (January 13) with the jungle camp on the air, only to shine a day later with a new and final season of DSDS.

But not only Dieter Bohlen is coming back to RTL this year, but also “Alarm for Cobra 11”. The successful format is back. Now the broadcaster is announcing what Cobra 11 fans can expect.

Cobra 11: RTL announces start date for new episodes

RTL viewers can be happy, because from January 10, actor Erdoğan Atalay and his colleague Pia Stutzenstein will be back in the program as police commissioner duo Semir Gerkhan and Vicky Reisinger.

Here is an overview of the broadcast dates:

  • January 10, 8:15 p.m
  • January 17 at 8:15 p.m
  • January 24 at 8:15 p.m

If you can’t wait that long, you’ll get your money’s worth on RTL+. All three parts are already available here. The fans of the German action series had to wait a long time for replenishment, now there are episodes in feature film length.

Cobra 11: RTL gives an insight into the new episode

With Erdoğan Atalay and Pia Stutzenstein, RTL is bringing a well-known duo back to the program. The two have appeared as partners on the series since 2020. While Stutzenstein has only been part of the Cobra 11 family for a relatively short time, Atalay has been involved in the cult show since the first episodes and will remain with the viewers this time too.

More topics:

And that’s what the first part of “Alarm for Cobra 11” is all about: Semir and Vicky deal with a criminal organization from Belgium that kidnaps people and tortures them in truck container prisons. The highway inspectors must work with the Belgian police to locate the prisons. When the head of the criminal organization launches a counterattack, Semir and Vicky get caught up in a war that has been going on for years between organized crime and the police in Belgium.