“CODA” receives the award for Best Film by the PGA

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- The Hollywood Producers Association (PGA) distinguished the independent feature film on Saturday “CODA” as the Best Film of the Year, reinforcing its possibilities in the competition of the Oscar awards.

The prizes awarded by Producers Guild of America (PGA)a society made up of some 8,000 professionals and with wide influence in the world of Hollywood, is considered a relatively reliable barometer for the Oscars, which will be awarded this year on March 27.

“I have always been attracted to stories full of humanity,” said the French producer Philippe Rousselet, co-producer of “CODA”, upon receiving the award. In his opinion, they are “a sign that there is still hope” in the world.

This new version adapting the script of the French film “The Belier Family” from director Eric Lartigau (2014), tells the story of a struggling deaf family. Deaf actors play the lead roles. His title “CODA” is an acronym for “Son of Deaf Adult” which literally means “hearing child of deaf parents.”

The plot follows Ruby, a hearing high school student, who juggles her musical ambitions with her family’s reliance on her to communicate with the “hearing” world.

“In music, a coda means the end of a movement,” the deaf actress observed after the award ceremony Marlee Matlin, who plays Ruby’s mother in “CODA,” adding pleased with the distinction: “It’s wonderful to see such a welcoming audience with our movie and it’s wonderful to make history.”

Premiered in appletv+, “CODA” had won the highest award in the SAG Awards at the end of February -another prize of great weight, since the actors are the largest society (about 10,000) within the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Now the film is well positioned to compete with the big favorite for the Oscars, the film “The Power of the Dog” by Jane Campion and produced by the Netflix network.

– Animations, music and tribute –

Among other winners also of the PGA event, “Charm” won the award for best producer animated films, bolstering his own Oscar chances before voting closes on Tuesday.

“Summer of Soul”the first film of the hip hop musician and director Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson about the festival “Black Woodstock”which took place in the New York neighborhood of harlem in 1969, it won a new award for best documentary.

On the television side, “Succession”from chain HBO, took the prize for the Best TV Drama Series.

During the evening, steven spielberg paid tribute to “my brother” george lucas by giving the creator of the iconic series of “Star Wars” a PGA award for lifetime achievement. Lucas shared this Milestone award with kathleen kennedypresident of Lucasfilm, now owned by Disney.

Lucas, for his part, told the audience that he was very proud that his work marked the beginning of “digital cinema,” which has largely replaced traditional celluloid reels and accelerated the development of 3D and computer effects. that dominate many superhero blockbusters today.

But Lucas acknowledged that some of his peers, including Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan, have not yet fully embraced the digital revolution and believe that traditional cinema still offers a richer aesthetic. According to him, they think: ‘Oh no, digital, that’s not movies, that’s something else!’”