“Coffee, fresh air, some push-ups”

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“Coffee, fresh air, some push-ups”
Florian Silbereisen is currently on the Schlagerfest.XXL tour – and reveals how he prepares for the concert before a show (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Florian Silbereisen

On the Schlagerfest.XXL tour, Florian Silbereisen is currently playing a number of concerts throughout Germany alongside prominent colleagues. But what does the folk musician actually do shortly before the shows? The 40-year-old now shares insights into his personal tour life on Instagram.

Hamburg – The fans had to be patient for a long time, now Florian Silbereisen is finally on the big stages of the country with Matthias Reim, Jürgen Drews (the most successful German pop singer of all time) or Ross Antony on the Schlagerfest.XXL tour. The 40-year-old is currently giving concerts almost every evening as part of the long-awaited tour – and now, just before things got serious in Hamburg, he gave an insight into his show preparations.

Florian Silbereisen gives an insight into Schlagerfest.XXL preparations – some sport, some enjoyment

“10,000 Schlager fans are coming soon and then we’ll celebrate the big Schlagerfest.XXL together,” said Florian Silbereisen when he reported to Instagram from the Barclaycard Arena Hamburg. But before going on stage, the hit star (the stage names of the big hit stars and their real names) used the time before his performance to prepare himself perfectly. The 40-year-old relies on a mixture of sport, wellness and enjoyment.

“I’ll have another cup of coffee now, then I’ll go out into the fresh air for a moment, do a few push-ups, then I’ll dress up a bit”, explained Florian Silbereisen, who could hardly wait for the minutes until his appearance. The 40-year-old is sometimes quite turbulent on tour – on Saturdays the folk musician has to travel to Cologne for the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” live shows. A break shortly before the concert will certainly do him good!

Schlagerfest.XXL with Florian Silbereisen and Co. on tour until the end of May – grand finale in Vienna

The Schlagerfest.XXL tour, on which a number of other hit stars are on stage alongside Florian Silbereisen, will run for a few more weeks and will stop in Cologne, Dortmund and Munich, among other places. The grand finale will then take place on May 28th in Vienna.

The folk musician seems to be able to gain a lot from the tour life: “Freshly strengthened” Florian Silbereisen recently showed himself in a deck chair while feasting on a fish sandwich. Sources used: instagram.com/floriansilbereisen.official, semmel.de