Coldplay surprised with a song by Juan Luis Guerra in concert in Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- Coldplaythe British band continues with its tour of Latin America ‘Music of the Spheres’, so in each presentation they usually surprise their audience with some epic moments.

This was demonstrated at their concert in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, when suddenly Chris Martin he picked up an acoustic guitar to interpret the song ‘Bachata rosa’ by Juan Luis Guerra. Quickly, the public recognized the song and began to chant it.

His many fans did not hesitate to record the moment with their mobile devices and then share it on social networks, where various videos went viral in a matter of minutes.

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For its part, Juan Luis Guerra He dedicated some emotional words to the band that he accompanied with a video. “Thrilled with this beautiful version of Bachata Rosa! Thanks to Chris Martin and Coldplay for a night of joy to the Dominican public!!”, he wrote, to which the band responded to the publication thanking him for the beautiful song.

The concert was full of emotions, full of color and pyrotechnics that provided the spectators with various stimuli in the show of Chris Martin and yours.

This is not the first time that the vocalist surprises by singing in Spanish, because in 2017 during his presentation in Argentina he sang ‘Música light’, by Soda Stereo. Also, on one occasion he joined Shakira to sing ‘Blackmail’.

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