Coldplay: the show of colors and songs that Dominicans will have the luxury of having

Coldplay crossed the Atlantic with renewed illusions. The English band is on American soil to exchange music for applause and love. In Costa Rica, its members stamped their first smiles and received the first applause at the start of a tour of good vibes and pure life that this Tuesday 22 will touch Dominican territory, at the Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo.

In the heat of the Dominicans, Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion will shed sweat and songs, and will receive the ovation of a crowd that will marvel at their artistic proposal, called “Music of the Spheres World Tour”.

The British group leads the public, as it did on Friday and Saturday nights at the San José National Stadium, where Listín Diario was present, to a formidable experience, injecting a musical frenzy that ranges from the genesis of “Yellow”, from his debut album “Parachutes” (year 2000), to the songs from his renewed repertoire compiled on the album “Music of the Spheres”.

Few concerts are seen in the land of merengue and bachata and dembow with such a spectacular visual and with a premium international pop and rock band, right now the most powerful.

It is a luxury to have Coldplay on stage, who this time on their world tour, friendly to the environment, gave the Dominican Republic the privilege of scheduling a show for the first time in its two decades of existence.

The current tour is made up of 52 shows: 17 in Latin America, 12 in North America and 23 in Europe.

In addition to its songs, the “coloratura” and the charisma of the vocalist, Chris Martin, the show rests its magic in the arms of the fans through luminous bracelets that become the amazing part of the night as they are an integral part of every moment

The visual of the Costa Rican stadium, with those LED light bracelets, generated a perfect, unique, special sensory connection between the band and the public every time they lit up or changed colors, depending on the rhythm, whether it was pop, rock or ballad.

A long corridor in the very center of the field and that connects to the main stage (which is not covered) brings the four fantastic musicians closer together. Those present have in this model better angles to appreciate them.

Two large round screens at the ends and an oval one behind the stage also help to appreciate the details because they focus on the protagonists and not on filling them with extra or off-stage images.

Coldplay’s musical combination goes like a wave over the crowd that for the two decades of validity already brings together two generations, between adults and young people. Interestingly, they also attract children and many teenagers.

The powerful song “Higher Power” gave the shot to the race of emotions that never stops until reaching the goal of ecstasy.

Along the way, the temperature rises and the musicians lead to a collective climax with a series of songs that are Coldplay’s trademark, including “Feel my Heart”, “Paradise”, “Scientist” and “Viva la vida”.

Likewise, it includes “My Universe”, the surprise recording with the Korean group BTS.

One of the particularly charming moments is when Martin invites his followers to turn off their cell phones, contemplate a sky full of stars and sing “A Sky Full Of Stars” with him.

Both in Costa Rica and Santo Domingo, the production is by the Dominican businessman Saymon Díaz, who walked through the crowd at the Tico stadium, checking the greatness of the band and that the logistics established by him, José Chabebe and the entire SD team Concerts out as planned.

For the show on Tuesday 22 at the Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo, the place is prepared for some 33,000 people.

What they experienced in Costa Rica is a guarantee without doubt that the attendees will leave saying: “It was worth it.” As Chris Martin, who frequently forced himself to speak Machado Spanish, put it: you live “a mess.”

+ Environment

Theirs is a real commitment to planet Earth and its inhabitants. And not only do they assume it as a reflexive discourse, as is customary in other propaganda concerts, but they go into action.

Their demands are no longer those of the former meaning of being famous that included dozens of bottles of alcohol or water of certain brands or non-existent towels or fruits from the other side of the world. Theirs is a real commitment to planet Earth and its inhabitants.

For that, they contract a company that is in charge of recycling the waste that guarantees its promise of a friendly concert with the planet.

Since 2019 they have implemented a program that helped them identify processes to avoid, reduce and mitigate their own carbon emissions at concerts and that will enable 50% less emissions compared to their previous tour “A Head Full of Dreams Tour” .

Even a percent of the proceeds from the sale of the tickets will go to various environmental programs in different parts of the world.

That part is non-negotiable. So is his concern that his fans enjoy a show of high artistic power, one of those that in the end even the doubtful exclaim: “It was worth it”, that the fans say: “I told you so” and that the singer Chris Martin in his crushed Spanish calls it “un desmadre”. This is how it has been since the very beginning of its journey like a train through two decades of music.