Coldplay took the stage to a Mexican autistic boy who went viral 6 years ago

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Coldplay continues with its ‘Music of the Spheres’ tour and in each country where they have performed they have surprised with exclusive performances and emotional actions, such was the case in Mexico, where they gave two concerts after six years.

It was last weekend that the British band caused emotions in their audience after they invited Huillo to the stage, an autistic boy who went viral six years ago when he heard Fix You, one of the biggest hits of Coldplay.

This time, the little boy took the stage together with Chris Martin to sing Different Is Okay, a song he composed himself. While playing the piano, Huillo seemed nervous, but Chris was next to him encouraging him at all times.

It is worth mentioning that after the little boy’s viral video, his parents enrolled him in music classes, without imagining that six years later he would play with one of the most influential bands in the world.

Huillo’s story

The little boy was diagnosed with autism when he was only four years old, since then his taste for the British band began, so his parents decided to take him to a band concert in 2016.

While the group played ‘Fix You’, Huillo broke down in tears while in his father’s arms. It was then that the video went viral and Coldplay contacted the family to thank them and affirm that those moments made their musical work worthwhile.

The Chris Martin-fronted band sent the family promotional items and they’ve kept in touch ever since.

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