Colds: these known drugs are very ineffective and harmful to health!

Cold, flu, or sore throat, winter diseases give us cold sweats. Prescribed by doctors, these stamps are useless.

The cold like you’ve never read it before!

Whether or not you look at the barometer, you feel it as soon as you wake up. The freshness is well and truly back! Because of energy sobriety required by the government, we have no choice but to stay dressed in several layers of clothing, including at home. Alas, given the alternation between the heat (of the turtleneck or the heating) with the outside, in a fraction of a secondthe cold also settles in our nostrils.

According to specialists, it lasts a little over a week. Only between the headaches, the bad swallowing and the scattered packets of tissues, it seems like an eternity. Therefore, to avoid of suffering too long from the effects of the common cold, we have tendency to rush into a health dispensary. And that is precisely the problem! Denounced by the experts of theUFC-What to choosea series of drugs is making headlines.

Two sensational studies

In 2018, theNational Medicines Agency sound the alarm. After an extensive investigation, they denounce and block the way to cold products that have pseudoephedrine. By noticing the inconvenience caused, the time has come to crack down. For information, these include Actived, Ferve, NurofenRhinadvil or Humex.

Five years and over UFC-What to choose put on a layer. By pointing fingers at antihistamines, they at the same time atomize the mpheniramine or the chlorphenamine. Decidedly, cure his cold is not as simple as expected! Moreover, for those who confuse it with a variant of COVID, know that the PCR test remains the best solution to decide. And respect for barrier gestures, too!

The effect of the drug is worse than the disease!

For forty-eight hours, there is a slight improvement. However, right after, even placebos have a similar impact on “ runny nose, stuffy nose and sneezing“. It doesn’t make the situation worse, but it doesn’t solve anything. What a funny paradox…No one could be indifferent to it!

As it concerns seniors who pay the price even today, they emphasize having lived through hell. Totally dry mouth, transit problems, blurred vision, palpitations bordering on tachycardia and sometimes even rather disconcerting optical effects. In short, if you take the car in this condition, you are likely to pass. Admit that it would be a shame to die or have a collateral victim because of a cold!

The members of the consumer association are formal. To avoid trouble, nothing beats paracetamol. Absorbed while respecting the dosage and spacing out its intake by a minimum of 4 hours, everything should go back to normal fairly quickly. Now that you know everything, spread the word around you. Antibiotics, molecules quoted must not become automatic. As for the immune system, it will thank you later!

Thank you to our colleagues fromUFC-What to choose and West France