Come the Joy: video circulates where drivers do make fun of the alien language translator

Mexico.- The video of Mafer Walker where he speaks in an alien language went viral and many accused the hosts of Venga la Alegría of making fun of their guest.

Although they denied it in a consistent video, another circulates on social networks where they say goodbye mocking the language.

That was the moment. Photo: Special.

In a behind the scenes that was shared through tiktok, the mexican presenters Capi Pérez, Sergio Sepúlveda and Patricio Borghetti they made fun of the Colombian guest.

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They said a few words, supposedly in the extraterrestrial language, to say goodbye to their companions.

This scene generated divided opinions among Internet users, who criticized the drivers for making fun of Mafe Walker.

Days ago, Sergio Sepúlveda pointed out that at no time did they make fun of the guest, because come the joy is a magazine program that has all kinds of guests. That they were nobody to criticize or question what they thought or divulged their knowledge.

In this note: