comedian Patricia Silva almost died 2 times; she tells how she got saved

In ‘Day by day’, Patricia Silva told how those two difficult moments in her life were, because Catalina Gómez asked him about the time he was “on the brink of death”literally.

On one occasion, the comedian recounted the depression she suffered and that she also had a very bad time psychologically, but this time she emphasized a traffic accident and the time she had COVID-19.

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According to what he said on the Caracol Televisión program, on one occasion he was going to perform in Tame, Arauca, and when he went to that municipality He had an accident in the vehicle that was transporting him.

“I fell off a cliff and nothing happened to me. We arrived in Yopal and we were going to Tame, to a presentation. That crazy [el conductor] it went to 140 [km/h] and sent us into an abyss. It was an armored van, that helped a lot“said the comedian who is recognized for her participation in ‘Happy Saturdays’.

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In addition to that accident, she also felt death closely when she had COVID-19 and She was admitted to the Reina Sofía Clinic in Bogotá, where, she says, she saw people die.

“The COVID that gave me and with which I saw many people die there in Reina Sofía. Eleven days I was hospitalized with only oxygen. That disease is so treacherous. They kept me for eleven days, and it was very hard because one sees death up close. The first night I saw a lady die. Very hard, ”she recalled.

Due to this situation, Patricia Silva is very grateful to Camilo Cifuentes, her colleague. When she had this disease that killed millions of people in the world, he recommended that she take a saturation test and that was what caused her to receive medical attention on time.

Husband of Patricia Silva, from ‘Happy Saturdays’, also had an accident

The comedian’s couple is a pilot and they have been together for 18 years. Some time ago, he also had an accidentwhich is why she counts it as one of the difficult moments of her life.

After almost two decades with this man, she is still very much in love with him and praises him a lot, like in this video.