Comedian Pete Davidson will no longer travel to space with Blue Origin | People | Entertainment

The American comedian Pete Davidson, romantic partner of Kim Kardashian, will finally not embark on the space trip launched by the company of Jeff Bezos Blue Origin, as announced last Monday.

According to a statement from the aerospace company, Davidson “will no longer be able to join the mission,” which also it has been delayed almost a week, from the planned March 23 to March 29.

“We will announce the sixth member of the crew in the coming days,” adds the announcement about what will be the company’s fourth space mission involving humans.

Traveling alongside Davidson’s replacement will be businessmen Marty Allen, Marc and Sharon Hagle, Professor Jim Kitchen and the president of the company Commercial Space Technologies, George Nield.

On July 21, Bezos himself took part in his company’s first flight into space, which lasted eleven minutes.

Among the celebrities who have traveled with Blue Origin on its three previous flights are the Star Trek actor William Shatner and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan.

The space rocket, which has been baptized New Shepard in honor of Alan Shepard, the first American in space, will launch from the company’s launcher in Texas.

The crew will train for several days at the Blue Origin facility before boarding the rocket that will exceed the speed of sound on its brief space journey.

In addition to Bezos, billionaires Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Galactic, and Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, have also jumped into the race to attract billionaire tourists. and famous for their space travel. (I)