Comedy newcomer insults Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer

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Helene Fischer is the most successful German pop singer. But comedy newcomer Okan Seese doesn’t seem to be a fan. In the “Quatsch Comedy Club” he tells that he is very happy to be deaf, because he doesn’t have to listen to their music.

Munich – Helene Fischer (38) is celebrated by millions of fans, but even the most successful German pop singer has to take criticism and nasty side blows again and again. At the “Quatsch Comedy Club” they laughed at their expense. In the last edition of the cult comedy show, the deaf comedian Okan Seese made fun of Helene Fischer – and was celebrated online.

“It has advantages to be deaf”: Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer insulted in a cult comedy show

Okan Seese is the “only deaf comedian who also appears for hearing people”, at least that’s how he describes himself on his homepage. To make this work, his partner Archie Clapp translates his gags for the audience. Okan Seese deals with his deafness quite openly and self-deprecatingly. For example, he says that he has never heard negative criticism about his shows.

Comedy newcomer insults Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer
Helene Fischer is the most successful German pop singer. But comedy newcomer Okan Seese doesn’t seem to be a fan. (Photomontage) © Screenshot ProSieben/30 Years of Nonsense Comedy Club – Bye Bye Thomas & IMAGO/Future Image

But Okan Seese doesn’t just make fun of himself. In his last appearance, he also shot against Helene Fischer, one of the biggest German hit stars of all time. “I’m proud to be deaf. I even have a hit list of reasons,” says Okan Seese. “Helene Fischer is number 1. I don’t understand what you have with her.” He stands on the stage shaking his head. “There are advantages to being deaf.” Would you rather be deaf than hear Helene Fischer? Ouch! That has sat.

The phenomenon of Helene Fischer in figures

With more than sixteen million records sold, Helene Fischer is the most commercially successful singer in Germany and is therefore one of the world’s best-earning musicians. Her albums “Farbenspiel” and “Best of Helene Fischer” are among the best-selling music albums in the country. So it’s no surprise that the music prizes are thrown after her: Helene Fischer has an incredible seventeen echoes, eight golden hens, three bambis and two golden cameras. In 2015 she received the Bavarian Television Award for “The Helene Fischer Show”.

Helene Fischer’s only Germany concert 2022 took place on August 20, 2022 in front of a record crowd of 130,000 fans in Munich – the biggest concert of her career. The first 100,000 tickets were already sold in 24 hours.

Despite Helene Fischer’s swipe: fans celebrate Okan Seese’s appearance at the “Quatsch Comedy Club”

Okan Seese’s appearance at “30 Years Quatsch Comedy Club – Bye Bye Thomas” is extremely well received on social networks. “Can we please continue with inclusion? It’s a good start,” said one Twitter comment. “Okan Seese sets a strong sign, as a queer Tauber comedian & the #QuatschComedyClub, sets with Okan & his sign language interpreter, an important sign of #inclusion,” says another comment.

TV viewers are also completely enthusiastic on Instagram. “So proud!” Writes a user here. “Seen it for the first time and celebrated mega”, is the conclusion of another fan.

By the way: In February, presenter Panagiota Petridou quietly and secretly became a mother for the first time. She actually wanted to share the pregnancy news with her fans. But Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer, of all people, thwarted Panagiota Petridou. Sources used: ProSieben/30 Years of Nonsense Comedy Club – Bye Bye Thomas & Twitter