Comfort chic fashion trends

Nicole Fuentelsaz is a Bolivian model who enjoys winter trends, and just like ‘shopaholics’ feels the benefits of going shopping, like a therapy that has that effect of calming and uplifting women, even more hanging out with friends.

Nicole is already with her looks ready for this winter, and you?

They are part of the comfort chic fashion trends that follow lovers of sustainable lifestyle; once again, long live woven clothes and the ‘black dress’ in all its combinable versions.

The leather pieces! They are not new, but they will continue to triumph this season

Black dress. What matters is that the undisputed king of the piece is the color and not the pattern

Futuristic and biker aesthetics. In the purest Rosalía style on her new album Motomami: knitted blouses, retro glasses. (Model: Nicole Fuentelsaz/Photographer: Jhojan Rodríguez/Production: Marco Merlo/Campaign: Shopaholic Bolivia/Styling: Marcela Lens)