Comic Con 2022, mix of pop culture and Salvadoran art

Salvadoran comic and anime lovers gathered to share and enjoy their love of heroes and villains

A dozen Spiderman walk through the halls of the Art Museum of El Salvador (Mars), as if they had escaped from the pages of some comics; a little Leia goes hand in hand with her father Darth Vader, perhaps at some point in the complex saga of starwars, Anakin was able to meet his baby girl whom he now protects; an irreverent Deadpool wins the eye, constantly stopping to take a photo with an admirer.

So it was a part of comic-con MARTE episode II is taken, which takes place this weekend, May 14 and 15, a space in which heroes, villains from the world of comics, anime and video games coexist and of course its most faithful Cuscatleco fans .

Photos: Art and comics merge at the Marte Museum

For the second time, this corner of Salvadoran art was the venue to celebrate pop culture in which the good and the bad met without resentment.

A young woman is photographed wearing one of the hats in the Cipitio Multiverse exhibition. Photo HRE / Menly Cortez

MARTE served as the universe in which both the pop culture of comics and anime were combined with Salvadoran art to leave a pleasant experience for all attendees.

“I think it is good that it is done here to be able to see the works of art that are here and also to be able to enjoy other tastes that you have,” said Iker Escobar, 17, dressed as Scorpion (from Mortal Kombat). At some point he exchanged glances with Sub Zero and his little son dressed as his father, however it did not go any further, both had only come to enjoy Comic Con.

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“I think it’s quite good to transmit a bit of the culture here, from El Salvador, where there are quite a few good exponents. It is good to get cultured, to be open to new things”, shared a young man in the Deadpool costume who had come from Sensuntepeque, Cabañas. “I’m not interested in them knowing who I am, it’s not my thing,” said the mysterious character while being “harassed” by his fans who asked for a photo with him.

“The universe of Marvel and DC Comic are mixed with the local identity, it is not that one or the other is excluded, but rather that each one of them is given a rereading,” said the Director of MARTE, Eugenia Lindo.

Under the theme of Monsters for the 2022 edition of Comic Con, in various halls of the museum fantastic beings from television, cinema and comics were combined with works by Salarrué and classical art, for example, or the exhibition of El Cipitío in the underworld, as well as a Historian (from a traditional Salvadoran dance) with aesthetics from the world of comics.

An idea from MARTE to bring national art closer and more interesting for lovers of pop culture. Lindo announced that the Salvadoran proposals will remain on display at the Museum for four more months for those who wish to return and see them again.

Photo HRE / Menly Cortez

“I have been attending Comic Con for years, I come with my family and friends to live the experience of the comic community and I think it is excellent that we can appreciate pieces of art through comics,” said Francisco Pineda, a 39-year-old fan. who arrived protected by a daughter of about three years under the costume of Wonder Woman. A contrast with a small, innocent and “bloody” Chucky who stole the tenderness of the audience.

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Live music a cappella or with instruments from series, movies or video games made the heads of fans, heroes and villains shake everywhere, souvenirs and cell phones ready to immortalize the moment with a snapshot. This is how this congress was lived.