Commissioner Pantera returns with a new album and members – El Sol de México

For the members of Comisario Pantera, far from being afraid to start from scratch, it is a new opportunity. After the departure of some members, the group returns to the music scene with a new album and living a new stage.

This is shared by Roger Dávila, a member of the band who also announced his next concert at the Metropólitan Theater on August 14; this will be the third in his career.

“I see it as the beginning of a new stage not only because of the release of our new album, but also because we are coming out of a rut that everyone went through, for us it is a new beginning, we are reconquering our audience, cities, reconnecting with our people and little by little we are back on the court.

On the same day of the show, Dávila along with Darío Vital, Raúl Hernández and Marcos López, who complete the new lineup, will premiere their album Instinto feline; same that addresses issues of love, as well as reflection, especially in the single Anxiety.

“We believe that the feline instinct is to try to adapt, to follow our hunches a bit, which we sense may be a good idea; the band is already 12 years old, it has been a long time, we have been through many things, from member changes to nominations. to the Latin Grammys.

“We have fulfilled many dreams such as going to other countries, the experience has been very cool,” added Dávila.

The group will undertake a tour of South America, as well as some cities in the United States, where they will share a brief tour of their career.

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“Our goal is to continue making music, the style is basically the influence we had as kids, our parents listened to romantic music from Los Angeles Negros and Roberto Carlos, to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Deep Purple.

“Our songs are based on that and also our way of communicating, that essence will continue to be our line,” he said.