“Compared to the average, yes I have a lot of money”: Emmanuel Macron cash on his salary

It was one of the most anticipated small-screen streaks of the week and indeed, it didn’t prove disappointing. Emmanuel Macron was a guest on the first show of 2023 of Papotin meetings Saturday January 7 on France 2. For nearly half an hour, the President of the French Republic answered all the questions of journalists, suffering from autistic disorders. The principle is simple:At Papotin, you can say anything!“And Emmanuel Macron did not dodge any of the many subjects he was confronted with.

Starting with the questions about his remuneration. One of the speakers asks him bluntly, provoking the hilarity of his audience: “Do you have a lot of money? Do you have a lot of money at the Élysée? Do you work a lot?“The Head of State replies:”So it depends what you call a lot of money.

But far from being satisfied with this answer, the speaker insists: “Do you have a lot of money? Are you rich Emmanuel Macron? Do you have a lot of dough?“It was then that Emmanuel Macron gave a little more detail about his salary:”If you look compared to the average, yes I have a lot of money. After compared to people who decide and who have responsibilities in business, no.

More lucrative activities before politics

It must be recognized that the activities of Emmanuel Macron before his election as President of the Republic, especially when he worked for private companies, were much more lucrative. “Previously, I was a senior civil servant, I was also a banker, I was an adviser“, he had clarified at the beginning of the interview.

Recall that the Head of State had already mentioned his income, with more precise figures, during a visit to Marseille in September 2021, as recalled Tele-Leisure. Asked about the same subject no young students, he had declared. “I have to be paid as President of the Republic before the withholding tax around 13,500 I believe“. After reflection, he estimated the net amount at “8,500 euros per month“.

In addition to money, Emmanuel Macron was questioned about his relationship and his marriage with Brigitte Macron, his friends, his family, his relationship with Vladimir Poutine or the criticisms of which he is sometimes the target. The result is a most interesting interview without any taboos.

On the audience side, the presence of Emmanuel Macron in Les Rencontres du Papotin attracted 4.54 million viewers, as reported Puremedia. This is the best audience for the show since its launch, as our colleagues point out.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/-par-rapport-a-la-moyenne-oui-j-ai-beaucoup-d-argent-emmanuel-macron-cash-sur-son-salaire_a502477/1