Concert in Munich: fire, flames, swaying: Andreas Gabalier in a concert frenzy

It was a concert of superlatives: the Styrian singer Andreas Gabalier played in front of more than 90,000 spectators in the Munich exhibition center in glorious weather on Saturday evening. “A piece of history,” as the Austrian wrote shortly afterwards for a photo of his biggest concert to date on what is now Germany’s largest stage on Instagram. Or: “History”. Supplement: “Munich unforgettable.”

5,100 spotlights shone on the 1,000-ton stage on the Volks’Rockn’Roller when it performed at 8 p.m. and, according to the Munich evening newspaper, with “We salute you” and the lines “We say Servas, have the honor and hello. We have each other long, vui too long never seen, how are you doing?” started.

“There were probably between 95,000 and 100,000 people,” says music manager Sepp Adlmann. “Anyone who doesn’t call this concert the highlight of their career probably has a perceptual disorder,” said the PR expert. “Andreas,” said Adlmann, “put his foot down” and he approached the super gig with a little “increased nervousness” and “pronounced respect”.

The Styrian fueled the concert frenzy and the bliss of the crowd with words like “geil” and “pure joie de vivre”, which he repeatedly called out to the audience in traditional costume. According to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” he announced his party song “Hulapalu” as follows: “The next song is the most successful that has ever existed, it has been played up and down at millions and millions of parties and now it will have more than 100,000 visitors in induce ecstasy …”

And as a surprise guest, Mario Barth took over the opening act: “How cool is that?” The comedy star explained. The star tattoo artist of the same name, Mario Barth, also performed – with his band “About Kings”. And for the grand finale, the stage design by Florian Wieder and the light and flame show by Roland Greil (Rammstein) probably surpassed all the fans’ expectations. “The fans didn’t let him off the stage for a long time,” says Adlmann. Many Austrians were present in the Weißwurst metropolis, and many fans from Styria also celebrated with their idol. Gabalier himself celebrated this triumph with friends, his mom, his brothers and his team.

The test run by the Styrian organizer Klaus Leutgeb was successful, soon Helene Fischer (August 20) and Robbie Williams (August 27) will be performing here.

The preparations for 2023 and the tour under the motto “Dirndl – Wahnsinn – Hulapalu” are already underway.