Confession – “Not in the mood for Instagram”

  • Emily took part in Marriage at First Sight in 2020
  • Recently it was quiet about the flight attendant
  • Now she gave an update

Where is “Marriage at First Sight” Emily?

In 2020, Emily hobby photographer Robert gave the vows at “Marriage at First Sight”. At first the chemistry between the two seemed to be right, but already on their honeymoon things got so bad that in the finale the two decided to go their separate ways again. Meanwhile, Emily and Robert aren’t just divorcedbut also forgive again.

In the fall, Emily made her new relationship public. In some couple photos, she captures her happiness online. Between Robert and her, however, there is radio silence. “We have and had no contact. And that will not change either”, the 26-year-old explained to her followers. But she hasn’t had such private insights for a long time, it’s on Emily’s Instagram profile pretty quiet for weeks. What’s up with TV fame?

“I didn’t feel like Instagram”

Now Emily has finally reported back to her community and clarified what has been going on with her in the past few weeks. The flight attendant first thanked her for the concerned messages and then reassured her fans:

I think it’s so nice that you ask and I can tell you: I feel very good! Due to private things and what’s happening in the world, I didn’t feel like going to Instagram.

Apparently, the Ukraine war is taking its toll too. What “private things” she means, however, Emily left uncommented. But one thing is certain: she is still with her boyfriend. Because after her statement she shared a short clip in which the two go for a walk holding hands. And such shots will probably see Emily’s fans more often in the future. Because she announced:

There will be a few in the near future beautiful and exciting things where I would like to take you with me. So there will be more to see here from now on.

We are excited!

Source used: Instagram