Confession: US star Jared Leto: “I have a love for Europe”

In his own words, Hollywood star Jared Leto (50) likes the European continent. “I have a general love for Europe, I’ve spent so much time here and I’ve always felt very comfortable,” said the Oscar winner (“Dallas Buyers Club”) of the magazine “GQ” (from September 27). “My brother and I started playing concerts in Europe, we started touring here many years ago,” said the US actor.

“And we got to know many different countries. We were definitely in 20 or 30 different cities in Germany.” It was great. “Not only did we play in the cities, we also had days off,” said Leto (“House of Gucci”, “Morbius”). “It allowed us to explore different places and gain experiences that changed the way we see the world.”

In his own words, Leto often moved and traveled around as a child. “We were kind of vagabonds, my mother grew up in the hippie era, traditions weren’t that important.” It fulfills him to “explore new places and not have any real roots”. The US star: “Maybe in another life I would have become a pirate.”