Confidant counters criticism of the documentary and has bad suspicions

ARCHIVE - 06/03/2022, Gro

Duchess Meghan can look forward to support after new criticism of her Netflix documentary.Image: PA Wire / Toby Melville


Vera Siebnich

There was a lot of criticism for “Harry & Meghan”, the Netflix documentary about the life of the Sussexes. But not only in the tabloid press, which is anything but good in the six-part series, the documentary fell through. Meanwhile, more and more reputable media criticize both the Netflix project and the couple themselves.

In the past few days there have been several texts in renowned magazines in the USA that deal with the Sussexes and their documentation. For example, “Variety” was the headline, which published a major interview with Meghan shortly after the Queen’s death: “The time for Harry and Meghan 2.0 is over.”

And also in a post by “politico” Harry and Meghan did not get off very well. This now called one of their supporters onto the scene. He expressed his own theory on Twitter.

Duchess Meghan: Confidant assumes critic envy

In the “politico” article, author Joanna Weiss states that the documentary has changed her impression of Harry and Meghan.

“Somewhere between the fifth and sixth hours of ‘Harry and Meghan’, the new Netflix documentary produced by the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex and filmed at their home in California (…) my natural sympathy for the couple turned into irritation and it seemed to me that ego had its limits.”

The journalist agrees that Harry is absolutely right in his criticism of the British press. But she cautions: “But the legitimate complaints are sandwiched between glamorous footage, from footage of Meghan getting dressed in prom dresses to a collection of flattering photos and videos taken during her royal exit, apparently in preparation for that you want to unpack.”

This criticism goes too far for one person in particular: Christopher Bouzy. This had already been noticed in one of the trailers for “Harry & Meghan”. There he said: “It’s about hate, it’s about race.”

Bouzy confronts Weiss about her past

In his criticism of Weiss, however, he now strikes a different tone. Bouzy posted a screenshot of an old tweet from the journalist. In 2012, a user wrote to Weiss, “I smell a #RoyalFetus column in the future,” to which the journalist responded: “You read my mind. In fact, I think a lot about Prince Harry.”

For Bouzy, it’s clear why Weiss judges the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary so badly. He wrote in a comment on the screenshot: “These Meghan haters all have something in common. Meghan got the prince and you have to learn to deal with it.”

Lots of approval in the comments

He gets a lot of support in the comments below Bouzy’s tweet. There, too, some are of the opinion that Weiss’ column can only stem from envy of Meghan and has racist undertones.

“Envy because the black girl won the prince,” writes one commentator. “Joanna Weiss never had a chance,” notes another. Bouzy has since publicly demanded an apology from “politico” and Weiss himself.

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