Confirmed! Gussy Lau and Angela Aguilar are in a relationship

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- After the filtering of images of the singer Angela Aguilar next to Gussy Lauthis Thursday the composer confirmed his relationship with the famous and gave details about it.

It was through a live Instagram broadcast that Lau revealed that a few weeks ago he started dating the interpreter of “Tell me how you want”, among other topics.

“Something very simple that is getting out of context, really. A photo of Angela and me is circulating. Ok, we are together and to cut a long story short, we have been dating since the middle of February, well, a couple of weeks, so that was not a problem, everything was being handled privately, “she explained.

Regarding the viral photographs in which they appear very close touching their tongues, he mentioned that it was a person from his close circle who spread the material.

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According to what he said, they were some captures of a video that he has saved in his private account and that at the time he did not want to upload because he felt sorry for the subject he was talking about with Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

So he decided to explain what happened because of the speculation that arose around the opinion of Ángela Aguilar’s parents about their romance.

“Many things began to come out, defamation, stupidity since we were together, we started dating a couple of weeks ago, Pepe agrees, Aneliz knows it too, my parents already know her, they all know each other. Everything was private until this, until a pint*e screenshot that a friend of mine took,” she commented.

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Who is Gussy Lau?

Originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, he is the son of a Korean father and a Sinaloan mother. Gussy Lau With his work he has achieved awards on Spotify, Billboard and Latin Grammy. In fact, her alleged boyfriend would be the composer of Angela’s hit, “Wherever they see me.”

In addition, he has been part of successes such as: De los besos que te di, by Christian Nodal; How many disappointments, from Caliber 50; Tonight I Forget, played by Julión Álvarez; and They didn’t tell you wrong, as well as other popular topics that stand out in the industry.

Only on the page of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM) around 65 of his works can be found.

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