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The veterinarian and ‘influencer’ Adriana Luna returns today at 8:00 pm through the digital platforms of THE SPOKESPERSON with its Luna Vet Pet program, in order to educate pet owners.

In her second episode, Adriana visits the Save a Sato Foundation in San Juan where she explains the process that dogs go through when they arrive at the foundation, the protection so that they do not get infected with different diseases and bacteria. In addition, the correct hygiene process for your pet.

The influencer who already provides veterinary advice to her followers on Tik Tok will have a space every Wednesday on

“We are going to visit different locations, from shelters to other surprise sites. We want to carry a message so that people feel that they are going with me to take care of different types of animals,” he explained, and this first episode is a true reflection of that idea.

“We are going to focus on what pets are to be able to educate people, since most of them have puppies or kittens, but we are going to talk about any type of animal,” he said.

Do you want to know more about the project and Adriana? Don’t miss this interview.

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