Constantine II of Greece: in critical condition, his family gathered at his bedside

The situation is worrying. The King’s Family Constantine II of Greece, brother of Sofia of Spain, is on alert on January 7, 2023: the former monarch, last king of the Hellenes, would be in critical conditionafter a heart attack, as reported by the Greek news site Kathimerini. The 82-year-old former sovereign has been in intensive care for a few days. Hospitalized multiple times in recent months, this is the first time that the king’s family travels in its entirety, from the four corners of the world, to come and watch over it.

His wife, Queen Anne-Marie is obviously at his side, but his sister, Queen Emeritus Sofia of Spain, ex-wife of exiled King Juan Carlos, is also in Athens, after attending the funeral of Benedict XVI at the Vatican this week. Their other sister, Irene of Greece and Denmark also made the trip from Spain where she usually resides. His 5 children, residing in the United States, Switzerland, or the Canary Islands, are also at his side. Since contracting Covid-19 in 2020, Constantine II has been in a wheelchair during his public appearances. He had already been a victim from a heart attack in 2018.

Constantine II present at the wedding of Prince Philippos in 2021

The last public event King Constantine II attended was the wedding of his son, Prince Philippos of Greecegodson of Princess Diana, with his fiancée Nina Flohr, on October 23, 2021. They had discreetly civilly married in Switzerland, where is the bride from, but at the church, all the crowned heads of Europe had made the trip, or almost. Among the distinguished guests, the English Princess Beatrice of York, for whom it was the first official outing sinceshe gave birth to little Sienna, September 18. The next happy event of the Greek royal family should be the wedding of princess Theodorathe sister of Philippos.