Consuelo Duval and Galilea don’t get along? Fans say Las Netas

Consuelo Duval returned to the topic of the rumors that have circulated around the arrival of Galilea Montijo to the Netas Divinas program, where according to users, “there has been no good chemistry” with the “tapatia“: Oh no! That makes me a real mam$&%…

The actressConsuelo Duval, who is currently a member of the popular Unicable show, “The Divine Nets“He spoke before the cameras about the rumors about an alleged “bad relationship” with “La Montijo” who recently joined the team of drivers.

The posture of the remembered actress of the character of “Federica Plush“, was blunt with his response by completely denying the theories about the relationship with his current colleague (“Gali”) of whom he endorsed: “I would have all his support and backing after his integration into the project that they share together today.”

María del Consuelo Doussage Calzada, who has collaborated on several programs and confirmed her return to the character of “The Nacaranda“He reacted to the comments that revolved around the relationship between the two, something that users on social networks would have stated, “is not perceived” very real, among others.

That’s how she answered too “Mexican comedian“, who would also be questioned about the supposed nickname with which he names Montijo, calling her “Galiela” to which he finished exploding and thus responded:

Oh no! That makes me a real mam$&%, and that really drives me crazy, who knows me, because I have been totally and absolutely transparent, knows that, if I was encha%&#ara that Galilea was in the program, would make it obvious.

Previously, the also “voice actress“, would have made comments that “there was no relationship” with the “host of Hoy”, which he also reiterated in the interview, something that at the time would give rise to the versions.

“Of course not! She’s my partner, I’ve known her for many years, she’s not my friend, I repeat, because we haven’t gone to far, because she doesn’t know my story, because she wasn’t there when my dad died, for many things is not my friend, but she will be, despite everyone and despite everything they say”, which she also declared in front of the broadcast cameras.

It should be remembered that in recent months, Galilea Montijo has faced various controversies and controversies around her personal and work life, for which many reactions arose against this initiative to include her in the program.

The opinions of many of the followers of the broadcast did not wait and expressed their feelings after seeing the performance of the host of “Little Giants” of whom they mentioned, their connection, particularly with the presenter Consuelo Doussage Calzada, feels “forced” .

For her part, the “mother of Paly and Mitchelle Duval”, launched a strong scolding before the cameras: “Do not put words in my mouth that I have not said, because it is a barbarian and it is not worth it, and you know me and if There is a divine net, it is me,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, in one of the recent airings, the one born on January 11, 1969, hugged Galilea Montijo trying to dispel all kinds of speculation between the two.

“I love Galilea very much, I am hugging her very strongly because they are attacking her very hard%&, she does not deserve it either, and we are going to enter four women who with all the sisterhood in the world are going to embrace her and integrate her into the program, if she likes it who likes it,” he concluded.

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