Consuelo Duval reappears devastated, regrets hard loss

The beloved actress and comedian reappears in a sad state of mind after Consuelo Duval herself announced the loss of a great friend.

On the afternoon of October 30, the famous interpreter of the character who gives life to “Federica Plush“He deeply regretted the loss of one of his closest friends.

Showing some tears, Consuelo Duval left everyone in shock with the sad news that she shared with her loyal followers who realized the profound message written by the native of Parral, Chihuahua.

Rest in peace my Black Tomasa 2008-2022. Catch me in the sky so that I can cross the river, wrote the current host of programs like “El Retador”.

The faithful companion of the also dubbing actress who collaborated in the remembered comedy show, “The Plush FamilyAlong with Eugenio Derbez and many other projects, he left this world, for which he would now feel deep sorrow and dedicated emotional words to his beloved pet.

With a tender photograph, the 53-year-old star, Consuelo Duvalrecalled some of the beautiful moments in which they lived together and in which the little being gave her several moments of love, laughter and joy.

Likewise, María del Consuelo Dussage Calzada recalled the moment in which her beloved “Negra” came into her life, a story as moving as it was painful after she assured, at that time “Tomasa” had a tumor, in addition to not seeing right.

“When I found her in the middle of the street with a huge tumor, the result of @buso s3xual, I was already late for my call from the P. Luche family and I called my sister to help me rescue her, thanks Yuyis. I took her to a clinic and after two months they gave her to me, she didn’t want me and looked sideways with her good little eye, the other one had broken her tear duct”.

wrote the too film actress and theater, who appears in an image in which she hugs her dog who finally managed to win her heart.

The dog’s departure “represented a hard g0lp3”, the “mother of Michelle and Paly Duval” would acknowledge, who pointed out, on one occasion she felt her leaning against her chest and that in her little eye there was not fear but rather confidence, then she became my guardian, points.

My heart aches a lot for his departure, but he also jumps for joy because I promised him that I would never, ever suffer again and I fulfilled it. 12 years of pure unconditional love.

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Finally, the actress of novels such as “Hasta que el dinero nos separe”, “Libre para Amarte”, among many others, thanked various messages of support and encouragement that came in her publication from collaborators and fans.

Thank you for accompanying me with such beautiful words. Negra Tomasa flies with the wind, she concluded.

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