Consuelo Duval reveals Televisa’s harsh ban on her children

Mexico.- Consuelo Duval has more than thirty years in the artistic medium, and although he has been the image of several successful programs of TelevisaThere was a time when said television station made a harsh ban on the actress and comedian.

After his debut in 1986 in the XE-TU programConsuelo Duval participated in several telenovelas such as “The Poor Relatives” Y “I still love you”but it was in the 90s when he joined Eugenio Derbez in “Derbez from time to time” that began to have greater recognition, especially as a comedian.

And between that successful program, “Rush hour” Y “The P. Fight Family”Consuelo Duval faced a harsh ban from Televisa, not to say or show anything about her children: Michel Duval and Paly Duval.

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Eugenio Derbez and Consuelo Duval are the leading couple of “La Familia P.Luche”./ Photo: Special

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the driver of “Divine Nets” She remembered that she could not show off her pregnancies, much less the first years of her descendants as she would have wanted.

”I couldn’t show off my pregnancies or I’d lose my job,” Duval said on her Instagram account.

In the social network, the actress published two images of two covers of the DF Style magazinein one appears Paly and in the other Michel.

“Those were other times (I don’t blame anyone), today heaven gives me the opportunity to show them off!! and on the cover of such an important magazine! @styledf. They are MY CHILDREN”, added Consuelo Duval as a very proud mother.

Michel Duval in the magazine Estilo DF./ Photo: Instagram

Paly Duval in the magazine Estilo DF./ Photo: Instagram

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Little is known about the father of Consuelo Duval’s children, since the same actress has told on other occasions that since she abandoned them when they were just children, she made the decision never to mention her name or talk about it.

Today, Michel and Paly, aged 28 and 29, are gradually making their way into the world of entertainment, just like their mother.

In this 2022, Michel Duval participates as an actor in the telenovela “Relatives by force” from Telemundo and Paly Duval is interested in singing, in fact a few years ago she was part of “Mexico’s voice” in the team of Gloria Trevi.

Consuelo Duval can finally show off her handsome children./ Photo: Instagram

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