“Contemptuous”: Daniel Prévost balances on the attitude of Jacques Martin

This Sunday, May 15, 2022, France 2 broadcast a new number of the show TV kids. If you knew the program on TF1, hosted by Arthur, it is now on the public channel, and presented by Laurent Ruquier. This Sunday, the TV man received the actor Daniel Prévost. On the occasion of the release of his autobiographical book, of me by me, published on May 12. Questioned by the companion of Hugo Manos, new columnist of Cyril Hanouna, Daniel Prévost returned to these writings concerning Jacques Martin. One of the most cult animators in the French audiovisual landscape. Remember, among other things, his show fan school ! But if the man made children smile, he didn’t have the same talent when it came to his… Collaborators. Like Julien Courbet, who had revealed, on the set of Eric Naulleau, that Jacques Martin was “a kind of genius”, but also, “a tyrant”.

The actor swings hard on the behavior of Jacques Martin

“I landed in Paris, I found myself crying in the evening because it was very, very hard on set. I cried more than once“, had swung Julien Courbet. A fairly similar experience for Daniel Prévost, as the actor confided in TV kids. Indeed, the two men worked together on the show, The little protractor, broadcast in the 70s. And the atmosphere, once the cameras were off, was not always very happy… On the contrary! ” You say that one day, he got a little angry and you came home saying that you wouldn’t do the show anymore!“Launched Laurent Ruquier. Pushing the actor to make revelations about the behavior of the star, particularly difficult and volcanic, with his entourage. The guest of the evening remembered a harsh sentence that the host had thrown at him. “It doesn’t surprise me that you’re not achieving anything in your career.” Before telling the rest, “much more serious”.

Children of TV Instagram account

“It was much more serious, and serious, and bitter”, revealed Daniel Prévost. Indeed, the actor remembered a sentence from the host, which had particularly hurt him. And for good reason ! At the time, the television star had launched to him: He said : And you are surprised not to succeed”. A tackle that the actor still remembers. “Me, I find it quite inhumane, contemptuous”, he explained in front of Laurent Ruquier. Who did not seem surprised, admitting, too, that the artist was not easy to live with on a daily basis.

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