Coque Muñiz and Carlos Cuevas close 2022 with their presentation The last one and we’re leaving – El Sol de México

As “brothers of the road”, Jorge Coke Muñiz and Carlos Cuevas will share the last hours of this year with their audience and will welcome the next one in their already traditional show, entitled La última y nos vamos, under the production of Carlos Cuevas Jr.

With a capacity for 500 people, the duet will perform in a room located at Bahía de Santa Bárbara 49, Anzures neighborhood.

Coke Muñiz announced that his repertoire will cover his period as a balladeer with songs such as the other part of you, Don’t promise what won’t be Y I’m almost always thinking of youplus a selection of boleros that he has recorded under the concept of Serenade, in which he will include some songs that are known in his father’s voice. Marco Antonio Muniz.

For his part, Carlos Cuevas prepared a repertoire of classics such as Forgiveness, Us, You, Without you and its emblematic theme A bolero; In addition, they will perform a duet of some songs such as for love I am from youknown in the voice of Marco Antonio Muñiz, The luxury of Mexico.

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“In this show, families can bring their children. It is important for us to see them with them. There is a great dance floor where couples are going to get sparks”, said Carlos Cuevas.

After thanking the opportunity to work together, Coque Muñiz highlighted that each year, on their own, both make individual presentations. “And when we both go, we don’t fail each other. Singing is already a pleasure for us, a great honor to be in front of the public, we don’t think about retirement, rather we hope they don’t get tired of us, it’s what we have to wait for, that it lasts and they keep hiring us.