Cora Schumacher cries on TV: The truth about my marriage to Ralf

The unofficial sequel to “Celebrities under Palm Trees” is here! The new transmitter boss Daniel Rosemann had spoken out in favor of a reorientation. The celebrity show “Club of Good Moods” started on Wednesday on Sat.1. Less riotous, less questionable – and so far without bullying.

“Club of good mood”: Eleven celebrities vacation in Villa in Thailand

The concept? Known how easy! The celebs? Mostly entertaining.

In the Thai villa, the eleven stars are fighting for 50,000 euros. At the end of each episode, they have to nominate each other for sacking. Among the participants: Martin Semmelrogge, Julian FM Stoeckel, Marc Terenzi, Joey Heindle, Lorenz Büffel, Vanessa Mariposa, Iris Abel, Theresia Fischer, Sebastian Fobe and Cora Schumacher. Jenny Elvers will move up in a row two.

Julian FM Stoeckel demands a “Golden Camera” for his brilliant performance

One of the highlights of the first episode was ex-jungle camper Julian FM Stoeckel, who despite his turban knows exactly how the show works. Maybe also because he always had a glass of wine in his hands.

It remains to be seen whether confronting remarks about the size of genitals or smug (and actually apt!) comments are enough for the self-demanded “Golden Camera”. He already had the most airtime – or was it the golden outfit?

Truth about the relationship with Ralf Schumacher: Cora was full of self-doubt

Tears already flowed in the “Club of Good Moods”. Ironically, with the tough Cora Schumacher. The ex-wife of Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher suffered an emotional breakdown on TV and cried straight into the hearts of the viewers. In a profound conversation with the 15 years younger ex-GNTM candidate Theresia Fischer, Cora discussed how difficult the beginnings in public were for her and the relationship with Ralf Schumacher. Cora, who is actually so tough and quick-witted, used to be eaten up by self-doubt. It’s the revealing truth about their marriage at the time…

Ralf was her childhood love; they had been in a relationship since they were 16. “I got into this circus, Formula 1. There were only beautiful women, so I was always worried that Ralf wasn’t enough. Everyone asked themselves: What is she wearing, what is she doing? That gave me some air so tied up. Today I would prefer normal life to this life anytime”, said Cora Schumacher surprisingly seriously and honestly. She didn’t want to be a pit babe, didn’t want to be seen as “wife of” and decided to race herself.

In tears, Cora thanks her ex Ralf Schumacher

In 2019, however, she had to give up her passion after an accident. With Cora Schumacher, the dams break when she talks about this difficult time. With tears she says to Theresia: “If you then have to realize when you need help that the supposed friends are only there when you are on the sunny side of life…” Despite the separation in 2009, only one person always stood behind her: Ex-husband Ralph. Even after the divorce, the ex-couple got along very well.

Cora insisted: “Whoever was a big support was always Ralf. When the shit is on the steam, he helps. You need people like that. But today it’s become a total throwaway society. You’re only going to be burned.”

First expulsion from “Club of Good Moods”: Iris Abel is out

After the first episode, Iris Abel is allowed to sizzle in the sun, away from the cameras. Farmer Uwe’s wife had to pack her bags and leave the villa in the first episode of the “Club of Good Moods”.

Poor ratings for “Good Mood Club”

While the riot VIPs from “Celebrities under Palm Trees” never generated less than 15 percent of the market share, this year’s start from the “Club of Good Moods” flopped. Only 730,000 viewers tuned in, which corresponds to a market share of just four percent. It was better for the competition: “Kampf der Realitystars” (RTL2) got 7.2 percent of the total audience. 2.84 million (11.3 percent) were interested in the comeback of “The price is hot” (RTL).

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