Cora Schumacher was keen on Mark Terenzi

Actress Jenny Elvers (49) and musician Marc Terenzi (43) are a happy couple. The two fell in love with each other in Thailand while filming the Sat.1 show “Club der Gute Mood”. However, Elvers was not able to win over her new friend without any competition. Cora Schumacher (45), ex-wife of racing driver Ralf Schumacher (46), also had an eye on the American, as a production employee of the “Bild” show reveals: “Cora was also keen on Marc and calculated chances.”

In the end, however, the chemistry was right between Terenzi and Elvers. And that probably led to a bad mood between the two women. «Marc chose Jenny. Since then there has been a thick air between Ralf Schumacher’s (46) ex-wife on the one hand and Jenny and Marc on the other, »continues the insider.