Corinna Schumacher: Together with daughter Gina: She took part in the riding show

While Mick Schumacher’s (22) passion is racing, his sister Gina-Maria (25) is enthusiastic about western riding. As a top talent and world champion in the special field of “Reining”, Gina also needs the right environment, which she needs at the CS Ranch has in the US.

Gina’s love of horses was inherited from Mama Corinna (53), who is also enthusiastic about western riding. Corinna Schumacher usually sits in the audience when Gina takes part in a tournament, it’s been years since she got in the saddle herself.

In the video above you can see Michael Schumacher’s wife changed: colorful look & long mane!

Now she has done it again: Michael Schumacher’s (53) wife appeared on her western horse “A LIttle White Trash” at the “National Reining Breeders Classic”, the second largest western riding show in the world.

Corinna Schumacher: Daughter Gina shares a love of horses with her boyfriend

Daughter Gina also shares her love for four-legged friends with her longtime friend Iain Bethke (26), who, as a professional show jumper, is very familiar with his loved ones’ animal friends.

The 25-year-old shows her over 125,000 followers again and again how happy Gina and her Iain are – for example with a beautiful post on Instagram. She also likes to let the public share in her happiness in love when she performs.