Cosimo settles accounts with RTL after seeing you again

Jungle camp: Cosimo

Cosimo Citiolo is angry after the end of the jungle camp and leaves the studio.Image: RTL / Stefan Thoyah


Janna Eiserbeck

Excitement about Cosimo Citiolo at the “big reunion” of “I’m a star – get me out of here!”. The “Checker vom Neckar”, who had to leave the jungle camp shortly before the finale, had to put up with some reproaches at the final show in the tree house. However, he could not deal with the statements of some of his fellow campaigners – he stormed out of the show. Now the entertainer speaks up about the events himself and settles accounts with his fellow campaigners.

The allegations against Cosimo weigh heavily. In the reunion show, Cecilia and Papis accused him of treating the “IBES” crew in the hotel condescendingly and disrespectfully. He is also said to have pulled over the appearance of jungle queen Djamila. In addition, he is said to have played a role in the cheating scandal surrounding Peter and Iris Klein. As reported by “Bild”, he is said to have provided Iris with insider information about Peter and his alleged affair Yvonne Woelke from the hotel.

Cosimo calculates with jungle campers

Cosimo himself cannot understand the statements and is angry. First he stormed out of the tree house during the TV recording, then, according to “Bild” information, he even took a shuttle to the hotel alone because he didn’t want to sit in a car with the other candidates.

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When the jungle camp stars went back to Germany, Cosimo spoke up from the airport and settled accounts with his colleagues. In his Instagram story he explained: “Sometimes you just don’t have to put up with everything.” He is convinced that they would now look for mistakes in him because they noticed that the show went well for him. “What’s wrong with saying I don’t feel like it? Done. I am the way I am”he says.

Jungle camp: Cosimo

Cosimo shares on Instagram.Image: screenshot

Cosimo criticized RTL

In his Insta statement he also criticizes RTL, claiming: “The cool thing is that you always only show how to attack people. But the fact that what I said hasn’t been shown yet is a bit wrong, I think. Because you can cut as you want.” He would always speak his mind honestly.

He also criticizes the fact that those who were tough on him in the reunion show suddenly wanted to make small talk with him, probably referring primarily to Cecilia, even if he deliberately does not mention her name. So the others would now be only too happy to emphasize what a “great time” they had. He couldn’t understand that at all and didn’t feel like it. Markus Mörl’s wife Yvonne jumped to his side at that moment and confirmed Cosimo’s statements.

The 41-year-old says now that the cameras are off everyone is being nice to each other and trying to push each other. When the cameras were on, everyone went confrontational.

The affair drama about Lucas Cordalis’ jungle companion Peter Klein never ends. The topic was also present again on TV. Because in “The Hour After” after the jungle camp edition on Wednesday evening, Cordalis’ father-in-law and the alleged affair appeared in front of the camera of all people – but not to talk about the rumors.