Cosmetics brand denies Amber Heard’s version of bruises

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES.- During the trial he faces Amber Heard, accused of defamation by her ex-husband Johnny Deppthe defense assured that the actress was the victim of physical and verbal abuse from the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

And it is that the lawyers showed, in the first days of the trial, the supposed makeup that Heard carried in her bag all the time to cover the bruises caused by her husband.

Heard’s defense filed the Milani brand concealer kit that he used to cover the blows that Depp left on his face.

“This was what she wore. She became quite an expert at it. You’re going to hear Amber’s testimony about how she had to mix different colors for the bruises as they changed color and how she touched them up to cover them up,” the attorney said.

Amber would have used said makeup between 2014 and 2016, the period in which Depp’s alleged abuse took place.

However, the brand dismissed the actress’s revelations by showing that its product went on sale until 2017.

It was on the Tik Tok account that Milani Cosmetics He refuted evidence from Heard’s lawyer about how he covered the bruises on his face.

On repeated occasions, Depp claimed that he never committed any abuse against his then-wife.

“There were arguments and things like that but it never got to the point of hitting Heard in any way,” Depp told the jury during his trial at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, near Washington. “Neither have I hit any woman in my life.”

Depp filed the defamation suit after Heard wrote a column to The Washington Post in December 2018 in which he described himself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”.