Cosmic Love: why Nabilla almost did not present the show

Nabilla Benattia will be in charge of Cosmic Love from this Friday, January 6, 2023 on Amazon Prime. In the columns of Parisian this Thursday, January 5, the host reveals why she almost did not go to the set of this new reality show.

Nabilla Benattia arrives at the helm of a new reality show. From this Friday, January 6, 2023, the star of social networks, revealed in the program of reality tv angels, will present Cosmic Love on AmazonPrime. The concept of this new format is as follows: twelve singles, born under different zodiac signs, try to find love among four women representing each element of astrology (air, fire, water and Earth).

A project that makes Nabilla change her hat, and which was particularly close to her heart. “It takes me back ten years, it feels weird. I know what the candidates felt, I was able to put myself in their place, understand their fears, their anxieties”, confided the star of the small screen and social networks, in an interview with 20 minutes this Thursday, January 5, 2023. And to add: “Some had to make complicated choices. I knew what to say to them to revive them, to guess what they might be thinking.” And yet, Thomas Vergara’s wifewhich is also mother of two little boysalmost didn’t make the show…

“Fortunately, Thomas is here!”

The filming of Cosmic Love took place at the end of June 2022, on the island of Gozo. Nabilla had then given birth to her second son, Leyann, less than three weeks ago. In effect, the 30-year-old gave birth to her baby on June 5two and a half years after the birth of his eldest, Milann.

Asked by our colleagues from Parisian who were present on the set, Nabilla confided in her relationship with the candidates: “I’m a bit of a girl’s big sister”, she said, before revealing: “But I admit, it was hot: I was afraid of not being able to do it so soon after my delivery. Fortunately, Thomas is there!” Two nannies were also on the scene, to take care of the children in the five-star hotel reserved by the production, specifies the daily. A well-crafted organization, which allowed Nabilla to live this incredible adventure.