Costumes at The Masked Singer 2022: These are the new masks

Viewer interest continues to be high. The ratings agree with TV broadcaster ProSieben and the creators of “The Masked Singer”. In 2022, the popular costume show is already in its sixth season since March 19th. Matthias Opdenhövel (51) is back as moderator. Which mask will win this year? Which celebrity will succeed Alexander Klaws and win this year? Here you can find out all the information and the latest rumors about the celebrity names.

“The Masked Singer”: Which celebrities are the participants in the costume?

Ten well-known stars will compete in “The Masked Singer” 2022, which means ten costumes with XXL masks will be presented to the audience and the jury. Since the winter, the new costumes for the top-secret VIP candidates have been sewn in hours of painstaking, detailed work. Very few really know which famous people are participating in “The Masked Singer”.

Mystery about costumes in “Masked Singer”: Hide clues to the names of the stars

But week after week, the secret is revealed bit by bit, while the viewers and the guessing jurors puzzle along – at the end of each episode, the audience decides which celebrity has to reveal their identity. Oftentimes, hidden clues can lead to resolution; In the past, many of them could not be recognized from the singing voice alone.

These costumes are part of “The Masked Singer” 2022

Before the first show on March 19, ProSieben revealed six costumes for the new season “The Masked Singer”: Koala, gorilla, starfish, seagull, zebra and thorny devil.

The remaining four masks were then presented in the first live broadcast: Brilli, Disco Ball, Galax’SIS and Ork. Read here which VIP had to slip out of the disguise first and who was behind it.

Disco ball on “The Masked Singer”: Which celebrity is behind it?

The disco ball gives the celebrity rate show a good retro vibe. After the first appearance, many fans are sure who threw themselves into the costume: Jeanette Biedermann.

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These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Jeanette Biedermann, Helene Fischer, Annett Louisan, Christine Ursprechen and Vanessa Mai.

Who is Galax’SIS on “Masked Singer”: That’s what the fans and viewers suspect

When it comes to the Galax’SIS costume, too, many viewers seem to agree on who is behind it. Two names in particular are mentioned: Joana Zimmer and Judith Williams.

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These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Joana Zimmer, Judith Williams, Patricia Kelly and Linda Zervakis

Is the ‘Masked Singer’ orc a celebrity woman or a VIP man?

Opinions are still divided on the ork, because many fans online express different assumptions. There will be names like Sandra Nasić and Gianna Nannini called. However, others see the costume as more of a male candidate Giovanni Zarrella or Menderes Bagci.

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These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Gianna Nannini, Michelle Hunziker, Giovanni Zarella, Sandra Nasic and Carolin Kebekus.

Fan costume Brilli has already been exposed

Brilli is a very special costume because it was designed by a 10-year-old girl. “With his glitter dust in his pocket, Brilli ensures a better world and puts a big smile on the face of all bad-tempered people,” ProSieben writes on Instagram. But in the first episode of “The Masked Singer” 2022 it was already over. The celebrity had to drop his mask and caused a real surprise with the revelation.

Which VIP dresses up as a koala on “The Masked Singer”?

In 2022, “The Masked Singer” will also include a koala. According to ProSieben, the animal “loves German cuisine, left Australia for this reason and runs the snack bar ‘Eukalyptus Express’ in its new home.” Because of the costume, fans suspect a jungle camp star behind the mask. Names like Dr. Called Bob and Daniel Hartwich.

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These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Rolando Villazon. Paul Panzer. Max Raabe, Paul Potts and Hape Kerkeling.

“Masked Singer” gorilla: Is there a hip-hop star behind the mask?

The gorilla on “Masked Singer” 2022 is described on Instagram as “noble, elegant and self-confident”, but who has a completely different side that could break out of him. Due to the appearance of the animal costume, a fan suspects that “Seeed” frontman Peter Fox is hiding behind it. Others are puzzled as to whether Harald Glööckler or Jürgen Drews are behind the gorilla mask.

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These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Till Lindemann (Rammstein), Howard Carpendale, The Count. Ralf Moeller and Roberto Blanco.

Starfish on “Masked Singer”: Which celebrity is in the costume?

With its huge eyes, the starfish could become the absolute darling of the public in 2022. Shortly after the presentation of the “Masked Singer” costume, the guesswork about the identity of the disguised celebrity began on Instagram. The first appearance also caused speculation. Maite Kelly, Angelika Milster and Marianne Rosenberg are suspected behind the mask.

These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Juliette Schoppmann, Angelika Milster, Maite Kelly, Carolin Kebekus and Beatrice Egli.

Seagull from “Masked Singer”: VIP rumor about bird costume

Which VIP sings dressed up as a seagull? ProSieben describes her as “not to be overlooked, but also not to be overheard, because she loves to laugh – and unmistakably loud”. Does that mean trash star Julian FM Stoeckel? He is known for his high-pitched, howling laugh. However, fans suspect Daniel Boschmann, Ingolf Lück or Pascal Hens behind it.

Before the start of the season, the broadcaster revealed that fun was the top priority for the seagull. Three different artificial skins and many feathers are attached to the costume.

These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Freshtorge. Otto Waalkes, Pascal “Pommes” Hens, Thomas Hermanns and Jörg Pilawa.

Zebra costume from “Masked Singer”: Which star dressed up here?

The zebra in “Masked Singer” is not at all black and white and boring.

“Young, colorful, with big dots on its fur, it jumps adventurously across the stage. It’s fun for everyone,” says the costume. Airbrush gives the zebra its special look, along with rhinestones and stars on the tulle skirt. That could apply to “Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen” presenter Alina Merkau. The first tips after the live show are Carolin Kebekus, Mandy Capristo and Ilse DeLange.

These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Anke Engelke, Ella Endlich, Carolin Kebekus, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Panagiota Petridou.

Which celebrity is under the thorn devil mask?

Who dressed up as a reptile? The Thorn Devil’s costume consists of 10,000 scales, individually cut out of synthetic crocodile skin.

“Despite its imposing size and menacing spines, the desert dweller is actively involved in his ‘DornT for Peace’ movement for peace,” says ProSieben. That description fits Jungle King Prince Damien. The man from Munich also has reptiles at home. But fans on Instagram are sure that actor Mark Keller has thrown himself into the costume.

These are currently the hottest fan guesses: Mark Keller, Michael Patrick Kelly, Marc Terenzi, Helmut Lotti and Jan Josef Liefers.

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