Could Ricky Martin go to jail for his nephew’s complaint?

SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO.- The controversial case of Ricky Martin and the complaint of domestic violence against him by his nephew continues to give rise to talk and although the singer must appear in court until the end of July, many have already begun to speculate on the penalty he would face.

And it is that according to the law of Puerto Rico, stipulated in the Penal Code, the crime of incest is punishable by up to 50 years in prison, so if the accusation of your relative is proven, a sentence of this type would be latent. .

However, the lawyers of the interpreter of “Maybe” have reported that there is no compelling evidence involving his client.

For his part, Ricky denied the accusations and asked his fans for patience and trust. “I appreciate the countless expressions of solidarity and I receive them with all my heart,” Ricky said in a brief statement.


It was at the beginning of July that an anonymous person accused Ricky Martin of domestic violence and filed a restraining order against him.

Later, Eric Martinbrother of the artist, revealed that the person who accused him is Dennis Yaddiel Sanchez Martinnephew of the singer, who has mental problems.

“This is a message for my dear nephew, that I love him in my soul and his family loves him in my soul,” the video begins, “for him to have mental problems is another 20 pesos and we have been fighting for that all our lives , but that is not known because he keeps quiet, “said Eric.

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According to Dennis, he had a relationship for seven months with his uncle, however, it ended two months ago and the singer has not been able to accept it, so he allegedly began to harass him by calling him and hanging around his house.

Given this, the young man filed a complaint for domestic violence against the artist, in order to prevent him from approaching and/or contacting him.

This is Dennis, Ricky Martin's nephew who accuses him of domestic violence.