“Coupleontour”: Half a year after Ina’s stroke – she falls in love with her Vanessa

The social media stars Vanessa (26) and Ina (26), better known to their fans as “Coupleontour”, had to cope with a heavy blow of fate in the summer of 2022. Ina suffered a stroke and even had to be temporarily put into an artificial coma.

But giving up was not an option for the power woman, who has a child together with Vanessa. Step by step Ina fought her way back into life and is obviously on the mend.

In their current Instagram story, Ina and Vanessa show that everyday life has almost returned to them, even if Ina first has to stay in the hospital. The couple naturally chats about an upcoming manicure visit. Ina also gives her wife an intimate kiss, much to the delight of her followers.

You want to see the cute pictures of Vanessa and Ina? Then watch our video.

Coupleontour together in your own home

Ina and Vanessa have big plans for their future. Soon the two want to move into their own home with a garden together with their daughter Olivia. After Ina suffered the stroke, the plans were initially put on hold. But now the move is progressing, even if there are still small hurdles to be overcome. Part of the house has to be made barrier-free so that Ina can move around there without major restrictions.