“COVID took everything from me”

One of the most recognized dance academies in Mexico has been the Ema Pulido Studio, where dance professionals were trained for almost 45 years, and which recently, due to the pandemic, had to close its doors permanently. Ms. Pulido, who we will soon see again as a judge for Las estrellas bailan in Hoy, told us about this difficult decision and her plans for the future.

How does it feel to be back on TV? Very excited, because since I was a girl, about 17 or 18 years old, I have worked on Televisa as a dancer and choreographer. This has really been my home from the beginning, and a very important place for me and my career, because thanks to television I have also been able to do a good job as a teacher.

“Dance schools are very noble, but one does not have subsidies; training professionals is very beautiful, but it is also very expensive, and thanks to television I have been able to make many dreams come true.

How did you face the pandemic in front of your school? I wanted to believe that I was stronger than COVID and I wanted to maintain my school with my employees, my teachers, my students, but it was materially impossible. The pandemic wiped out my school completely… It was very difficult, first to vacate the facility that was about to turn 45 years old, and then to face everything else.

What happened? By trying to keep my school alive, I got into a lot of financial trouble. Then came some family problems (he suffered the death of two brothers and close collaborators due to the virus), and these were difficult times for me, just like for everyone… But I wasn’t the only one, and finally, all this is happening Although it may seem terrible, I think it’s the opposite. I appreciate that for many years a great job was done with the school, but it is time to move on to another stage, and that is being marked by life itself.

Because it says? Because everything that is happening, including the terrible thing that we all could have gone through during COVID, I think it was to give us a lift up. If you want, of course, because if you prefer to keep crying, of course things are not going to get better… I think we should move forward, with love for your work, with love for who you are, and learn to reinvent yourself all the weather.

What plans do you have now? Reinvent myself. I have many plans in my head, and although many friends tell me to open the school again, I would not do it crazy!

Why? It was a very cool stage, many things were done, I was able to support a school with almost no support from the Government, I was able to fulfill myself, but all that is something that stayed there… Now I am going to another stage in which I would very much like to be a coach , teach in a personalized way to everyone who is interested, but without the pressure of taking a hundred students at the same time. I’m also dying to work on shows again, put on choreographies, work with dancers, all that I’ve done from the beginning. That is what I would like to do for the rest of my life.

How are you emotionally? Very happy in this new era that I am beginning, and I love that the first important project is this competition.

Could it be economically recovered? I think no one has fully recovered from the ravages left by the pandemic. We are all in that daily struggle, but finally I am grateful, because we are alive, we have work and we are doing what we like… For that alone, I have no words to thank God every day. Imagine that I was still regretting what happened to my school; Well, no, I am very happy, I understand that there are always ups and downs, they are all circles that open and close, so I have nothing to complain about, on the contrary, we are all moving forward!